Lazarević Law Firm offers legal support predominantly to commercial subjects in their day to day business operations with a focus on: negotiations and on-site involvement in a modeling of the business set up, drafting contracts best fitting to clients activities, market position and capacity, business arrangement supervision aiming complete and satisfying execution.

We assist the clients with incorporation, internal set up, compliance and HR. We advise clients regarding: selection and systematization of employees, including directors, termination of the employment contracts, and represent clients in front of the court and other state authorities.

We have significant experience in dispute resolution area, including process of amicable (alternative) resolution with settlements arrangements, mediation, and litigation.

One of the primary qualities of our law firm is debt collection, either by court enforcement, out-of-court mortgage/pledge enforcement, direct negotiations with debtors, reorganization of the standing relationship with securities acquisition, or by another, alternative, model of debt collection.

We provide clients support with insolvency proceedings, whether it has been conducted under the bankruptcy or reorganization. We can provide or assist with reorganization plan or prepacked reorganization plan. We assist in negotiations with all classes of creditors aiming satisfaction of all interest in order to achieve adoption of the respective reorganization plan or advise on the complex pre-reorganization actions necessary to perform in order to adopt reorganization plan. We supervise performance of the insolvency proceeding bodies or other participants, and, in case of need, we act with relevant process instruments in front of the court or ALSU.

We support our clients with all actions regarding acquisition/sale of property or construction. We can advise on, or provide: selection of the suitable locations, real estate acquisition, project structuring, financing model and bank support, contracts arrangements with suppliers, contractor/subcontractors, permits, construction site legal set up, compliance with safety acts, marketing, tax optimization and real estate management.

We represent clients in front of banks, and other financial institutions regarding day-to-day business operations, debt restructuring or refinancing and assist/advise in negotiations regarding withdrawal of the bank products best fitting to the client’s requirements and capacity.